MA (PEABODY) Tattoo Removal by Drastic Tattoo & Body Piercing

Tattoo Removal by Drastic Tattoo & Body Piercing using Tattoo Vanish Method

Take Route 1 South, Next to Gulf Station Call 617-413-0367 or email for FREE CONSULTATION.

Name: Gary Stearly
Address: 136 Newberry St.
City: Peabody, MA

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  tattoo vanish testimonial

I had a tattoo on the back of my neck. I was working for a dentist. I wanted to go to Dental hygiene school and tattoos that shows are out. I had to remove it or I could not get the education I wanted. I found Tattoo Vanish in the same area as the Dentist I was working for and I had a free consultation. It took about 6 treatments but it is gone and I am almost finished with school. I could not have gone to this school with out the help of Tattoo Vanish."

Rochelle S.