Tattoo Removal by Tattoo Vanish®

Remember when your parents told you not to get a tattoo because it would be with you your entire life?

But you got it anyway! And now you're older and wish they weren't always right!

Well they were WRONG!


Mary Arnold-Ronish, CPCP

The Tattoo Vanish® Method and Product was developed in 2003 by our founder Mary Arnold-Ronish. With more than 30 years of experience as a registered nurse with heavy focus in the field of dermatology she was very knowledgeable dealing with skin health and various treatments.

In 1993, she decided to apply her experience in dermatology into the field of permanent cosmetics and founded Professional Permanent Cosmetics, a truly professional permanent makeup practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her strict sterilization techniques and high quality work were immediately recognized, making her a respected member of the medical community and highly regarded as a true artist in permanent makeup.

Mary became a member of the SPCP (Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) in 1993 and served on the board of directors for several years. She was instrumental in developing the current CPCP (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional) in which thousands of permanent cosmetic professionals world-wide have become certified. She was a CPCP and member of the National Cosmetic Tattooing Association and the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation.

Known as the "go to" person for permanent makeup corrections (poor work by others) she developed a product and method of applying her product to clients who needed to start fresh by removing the ink or pigment from the skin before proceeding with new permanent makeup. This patent pending process and product was the start of Tattoo Vanish®.

So what makes Tattoo Vanish® different from all the tattoo removal procedures available, such as LASER?

Our procedure uses a method of tattoo removal similar (but not the same!) to applying tattoo or permanent makeup to the skin. The procedure minimizes damage to the skin of the patient. Over the years the product and method has been perfected, making Tattoo Vanish® far superior to other methods including any type of LASER tattoo removal. Unlike LASER tattoo removal, Tattoo Vanish® is less painful, more cost-effective as it requires up to 75% fewer treatments for complete removal and is the only method that will remove all colors where LASER cannot.

There are other products on the market which do not require the technician to be trained and certified. Many of these products were developed by past associates of Tattoo Vanish® who chose to "reverse-engineer" the product with questionable results and sell them on the Internet. All Tattoo Vanish® technicians must be certified and trained on the proper removal method by attending our hands-on training programs and are continually supplied with the latest information and product improvements available in the industry.

Following Mary's vision, Tattoo Vanish® has grown over the years and has established itself as the premier training company and product supplier for ALL NATURAL, NON-LASER tattoo removal in the industry. Thanks to the growing group of Certified Tattoo Vanish® Technician Associates our services, method and product have become highly respected and known world-wide to be the number one tattoo and permanent cosmetic removal system.

  tattoo vanish testimonial

I had a tattoo on the back of my neck. I was working for a dentist. I wanted to go to Dental hygiene school and tattoos that shows are out. I had to remove it or I could not get the education I wanted. I found Tattoo Vanish in the same area as the Dentist I was working for and I had a free consultation. It took about 6 treatments but it is gone and I am almost finished with school. I could not have gone to this school with out the help of Tattoo Vanish."

Rochelle S.