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Welcome to Tattoo Vanish® Inc. Here you will find technicians from around the world who are now cerified to do tattoo removal usine the Tattoo Vanish® method. Only the technicians who have successfully completed the "Hands On" training and have been certified to do the procedure are listed below:

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Tattoo Vanish

Tattoo Vanish Inc.

Tattoo Vanish Inc.

Tattoo Vanish® is headquartered in Miami, FL, convenient to all free way access. Along with servicing the Florida area in the removal of tattoos, we also house the Institute of Tattoo Removal. This is the training facility for those who are interested in the tattoo removal industry. Please call for details.

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I had a tattoo on the back of my neck. I was working for a dentist. I wanted to go to Dental hygiene school and tattoos that shows are out. I had to remove it or I could not get the education I wanted. I found Tattoo Vanish in the same area as the Dentist I was working for and I had a free consultation. It took about 6 treatments but it is gone and I am almost finished with school. I could not have gone to this school with out the help of Tattoo Vanish."

Rochelle S.